Four Paws is now owned and managed by Elizabeth Pina. 

Elizabeth has almost forty years experience in breeding and exhibiting dogs, and is an AKC Breeder of Merit for her #1 breed, Smooth Fox Terriers. She gave up a long corporate career (and commute!) to do what she loves.

She is fully hands-on and committed to continuing the great care Four Paws' clients expect while expanding the services offered. 

Stop by and say hello!

6:30 am
 * Doggy doors are opened and each guest greeted by name
 * Guests get an individual visit to the exercise areas
 * Inside runs cleaned as necessary
 * Breakfast is served!
 * Doggy doors are closed and the outside runs cleaned
 * Doors are opened and everyone gets another visit to the exercise areas
 * Doors are closed and lights turned out so everyone can rest or nap
2:00 pm
 * Doors opened and exercise time again
4:30 pm
 * Supper, anyone?
6:00 pm
 * One more trip to the exercise areas
7:30 pm
 * Everyone is checked
 * Doors are closed, lights are off

 * Our guests are monitored for safety, comfort, and contentment
 * Everyone is spoken to and cuddles and scratches are given where enjoyed
 * Messes are attended to
 * Water buckets and bowls are refreshed when needed